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November 15, 2019; Issue 6



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Dear Lakeside Families, 

The state of Wisconsin recently released school report cards. Lakeside Elementary has a lot to be proud of. Our school has received the highest report card rating of Significantly Exceeds Expectations! We are so proud of the work that our students do each day to challenge themselves as learners. We are also inspired and appreciative of how hard our teachers work to ensure that each child grows. In celebration of our hard work, we had an all school assembly this week to celebrate. Tamara's donated cupcakes and students had a dance party and coloring party to celebrate. Please continue to encourage and celebrate the hard work and growth you see in your child throughout the year! 

Please make sure to view our school report card in the Infinite Campus blast! 

Have a great weekend!

~Mrs. Ashton 

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Lakeside will once again be participating in the annual Kiwanis Food Drive this year! Starting Monday, November 11th and ending Wednesday, December 4th, students may bring in any non-perishable food items they wish to donate to help feed those in need this holiday season! The winning class that donates the most items out of the entire school will win a classroom pizza party, and the winning grade level will receive a pajama day! Thank you for your support and participation! 

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Please remember to send your children to school with warm clothes for inclement weather. This should include boots, hats, gloves, and a heavy jacket. All students will be outside before school, at recess, and lunch unless the temperature is below 10 degrees or a wind chill of below zero. 

Temperatures and appropriate outside recess wear is: 

  • Below 50 degrees- students need a coat

  • Between 50-60 degrees- students need to wear long sleeves

  • 61 degrees and above- students choice (shorts are allowed)


  • Save The Date - Lakeside Elementary Holiday Concert, Monday, December 9 @ 6:30 p.m. @ Alberta Kimball Auditorium OWHS (students arrive 6:15 p.m., please;)

  • Save The Date - PTO Holiday Store, Thursday, December 12 @ Lakeside Elementary (gym). lease contact if you'd like to volunteer. 

  • If you are planning a vacation (half day or more), please remember to fill out a Pre-Planned Parent Excused Form prior to leaving. It is important for students, teachers, and the office to be informed of the absence to allow for homework accommodations, missed class time, and attendance purposes. Also, this minimizes classroom interruptions during the day to allow for focusing on educational minutes. If you have any questions, please call the office at 424-0131. Paper copy is available upon request. 

  • Please let the office know if you are not receiving the school newsletter via email and if you’d like to! Paper copies are provided by parent request only. 

Specialist Updates

Phy-Ed Update

Physical Education Update from Mrs. Schlies

Over and Underhand Throwing

For the past month we have been focusing on our over and underhand throwing with grades K-5.  In Kindergarten and 2nd grade we focus on underhand throwing with mechanical emphasis in kindergarten and accuracy in 2nd grade.  In grades 1, 3, 4 and 5 we have been focusing on overhand throwing. Focusing on mechanics in 1st grade, accuracy in 3rd grade and throwing with accuracy during small games in 4 & 5.  

Music Update

Music Update from Mr. Plekan

Lakeside Holiday Program

Monday, December 9th, 2019

6:30 p.m.

Alberta Kimball Auditorium - West High School  

Hello Families! 

It’s that time of year again! The Holidays are upon us! Above are the details for our upcoming holiday program. I will send another reminder shortly before our concert as well! This year’s theme is December Celebrations! We will be singing of holidays from around the world that are celebrated in December. Your students have been working hard already to learn their music, and are very excited to share what they are learning! Below are some details, please read them carefully, and do not hesitate to email me with questions!

ARRIVAL: The children should arrive at the concert by 6:15 p.m. When they do arrive, they should CHECK IN WITH THEIR TEACHER and go to their assigned seat at the rear of the auditorium (there will be posters designating each grade level area).  They may take their coats with them. If your family arrives early, and your child’s teacher is not there yet, please have your child sit with you until he/she sees their teacher.  Students should not be walking around the school or auditorium alone. We want everyone to be safe!

****KINDERGARTEN:  When you arrive, Kindergarten students should find their teacher, either Ms. Koeppl, or Ms. Mueller, who will be in the hallway outside the auditorium, lining up the students.  After you have dropped them off, (MAKE SURE their teacher knows your child has arrived) find your seats and make sure to save one for your Kindergarten student. They will be the first to perform.   When they’re finished, you will go to the stage and pick them up, so they can enjoy the rest of the concert with you! 

GRAND FINALE:  At the end of the concert, ALL students will sing a final song together.  The 1st-5th graders will return to the stage, and the Kindergarten students will stand and sing from their seats. (This is for safety’s sake!) So please, stay for the entire concert!


After the finale, the children will return to the assigned seats at the back of the auditorium with their teacher.  Please do not take your child out of line as they pass you after leaving the stage and wait until all students have left the stage to go and pick up your child!   

***You MUST check in with your child’s teacher before you take them home!  Again, this is all for the safety of the children. Thank you.

VIDEOTAPING: Videotaping is allowed for home use only.  We ask that parents keep all aisles free and unobstructed per safety rules and fire codes.  No tripods, please.

Practice Link:  Students may practice their songs at home by accessing this link which will have both lyrics and practice tracks in a folder that will be labeled by grade: 

We hope to see ALL of the Lakeside students and their families at the Holiday Program!

Musically Yours, 

Kevin Plekan

Lakeside Elementary School

Music Specialist

Art Update

Art Update from Mrs. Wollangk

This year, is a Passport around the World, we are visiting different cultures and countries around the world our first spot on the passport was Mexico, next stop, New York!

  • 5th Mateyka (M): Our latest artwork involved oil pastels and cacti!

  • 4th Wagner (W):Learned new techniques in chalk pastel.

  • 3rd Klaus (K): Finalized the skeletons in time for Day of the Dead and     are now working on the newest location (New York) with printmaking.

  • 2nd Tigert/Murphy (TM): Still lives are perfectly patterned and hanging in the hallways.

  • 1st Jari (J): Our pinatas are just about finished!

  • K Mueller (M): Our Molas are complete and our “Big Apple” project is underway with stamping and weaving.

Don’t throw it away: The art room can always use cereal boxes. 

Thank you,  Mrs. Wollangk

Art Update from Mrs. North

Hello Lakeside families. This month we are focusing on art inspired by the Native American
Mrs Koeppl- K:The students are making dreamcatchers.
Mrs. Grasley- 1: The students are making their own beads out of paper.
Mrs. Davis/Mrs. Murphy-2: The students are making ravens with crayons and watercolors.
Mrs. Greeninger- 3: The students are making their own class totem pole.
Mrs. LeClair 4-: The students are weaving baskets.
Mrs. Guido 5-: The students are weaving cups.

Technology Update

Technology Update from Mrs. Stephany

Technology & Typing Practice

Typing is an important life skill for students.  If you have a computer at home and allow your child to use it, please encourage him or her to practice typing.  Sites that are recommended or used in the district are or  EduTyping is new this year and would be for students in grades 3-5.  Students would click the student tab on the district website and log in with the Classlink button.  

A site for younger children is Dance Mat Typing.  It can all be used without logging in.  As your student types, reinforce the skills of home row and focus on accuracy over speed.  Practice using “Shift” to make capital letters. Point out how to use a period, comma, and question mark.  

School Counselor Update

School Counselor Update from Mrs. Palecek

Throughout the school year we discuss various ways we practice being safe such as fire drills, tornado drills, internet safety, the ALICE training as well as our Protective Behaviors Unit. For the next two weeks we will have guest speakers from REACH counseling in the building - they will be talking about three major safety areas: who are the network of trusted adults they can go to for help, a reminder of the warning signs when we feel unsafe/uncomfortable, and what to do if we are feeling unsafe.

REACH Counseling works in conjunction with the Oshkosh Area School District to provide classroom lessons on protective behaviors. They share four major steps if they are in an unsafe or uncomfortable situation that are helpful for parents to know as well.   

  1. Say NO!

  2. Get Away

  3. Tell a Trusted Adult

  4. Create a Code Word or phrase with your family

REACH teachers talk about warning signs our body gives us when we are feeling uncomfortable or nervous. It could be a racing heart rate, sweaty palms, butterflies in our stomach, or goose bumps. Each of us has a different response when we are nervous or uncomfortable. It’s important for our children to realize their own warning signs. When we get these warning signs it’s our body’s way of telling us something is wrong. A code word can be a good strategy so students have a plan if they find themselves in an unsafe or uncomfortable situation.

The example that REACH teachers shared was having a code word predetermined with your kids. The teacher used the example “chicken nuggets.” The example given was if your child is at their friend’s house and find themselves in a situation where they are watching a show that makes them feel uncomfortable or situation occurs in which they get those warning signs, they can call you and use the code word. They could call and say  “Hey mom I just wanted to say thank you for making me those “chicken nuggets” for lunch.” As a parent you know they are telling you they feel uncomfortable and want to be picked up. You then can give the parents an excuse such as “I’m sorry I have to pick Johnny up. Something came up.” It allows that child to call no matter what without having to explain he/she is feeling uncomfortable and wants to go home or staying in the situation because they feel they don’t have another choice. 

Safety can sometimes be difficult to talk about with our children. We sometimes might be worried that talking about it might be more harmful than helpful. However, research shows that giving them the tools and having those open conversations can be helpful in the long run. Many times our kids might not share with us in concern for getting in trouble. If we keep those lines of communication open we can allow them to come to us. 

If you have questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact me. 


Mrs. Melissa Palecek

K-5 School Counselor

Media Specialist Update

Media Update from Mrs. Miller

I will be teaching a lesson each month to every class on digital citizenship. Digital Citizenship is being responsible, respectful, safe and trustworthy online.

November’s theme is: Privacy & Security

I am happy to share directions with you on how to set privacy settings. 

My email address is:

IST-Math Update

Math Update form Mrs. Ruck

Why is it important for students to show their work and explain their thinking? 

Asking students to show their work provides more information for teachers and improves student learning: when students explain how they solved a problem, they come to understand the mathematical concepts more deeply. Showing their work also provides detailed evidence that teachers can use to see what students know and where their misconceptions lie. 

This evidence is essential: it allows teachers to adjust the way they teach to meet students’ needs, and to document student learning over time, which helps teachers communicate with families about students’ progress. For similar reasons, state tests often require students to explain how they solved a problem. Students are better prepared for such test items when they explain their solutions on a regular basis, so ask away!  You might be surprised by the many math strategies your children are able to use. 

IST-Reading Update

Reading Update from Mrs. Ruechel

Literacy Newsletter 

I am including a link to a position statement from the NCTE (National Council of Teachers of English) which explains the benefits of independent reading and the necessity to protect this time in the classroom. This view shares our Lakeside core values surrounding the instructional practices of independent reading and the reason why our Reader’s Workshop time is so very precious.

November 2019 Calendar:

  • Monday, 11/18/19: PTO Meeting 6PM

  • Wednesday, 11/27/19: No School for Students & Staff 
  • Thursday, 11/28/19: No School for Students & Staff- Thanksgiving Break 
  • Friday, 11/29/19: No School for Students & Staff 


Please keep having students check lost and found items. 

Please make sure all items are marked with children's name.

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