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November 18, 2022; Issue 6



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Dear Lakeside Families, 

We are thrilled to share with you that our school Walk A Thon last week was a wonderful success! The weather was in the 70s and the kids had a blast walking and running with friends! The West High School pep band came and kept us entertained and motivated during the walk. The Van Dyne and Nekimi Fire Departments also came to cheer us on. A huge thank you goes to Mrs. Homman for organizing and leading this great event and fundraiser for our school. We also want to thank Walmart for their donation of bananas and Gatorade for our students after they finished the walk. Thank you also to our PTO for volunteering and supporting this event!

The Walk A Thon was a fundraiser for our school playground equipment. We have been fundraising for new equipment for the past few years and we are so pleased to share that our collective total from donations this year from the Walk A Thon is: $4,291.75! Thank you to families for supporting this fundraiser! An additional $11,000 was donated through the Community Foundation! With fundraisers from the past 2 years, the money donated for the Walk A Thon, and additional generous donors through the Community Foundation, we have reached our first goal of $20,000! We plan to install the first piece of equipment this spring! More information will be shared out as we finalize the purchase. Way to go, Lakeside!!

This week, Wisconsin's Department of Public Instruction released the School and District Report Cards. Lakeside Elementary earned an overall accountability score of "Exceeds Expectations" for the 2021-2022 school year, and the report can be found HERE. We are proud of the work we are doing to increase oral language skills and develop strong vocabulary knowledge in literacy. We continue to grow in our knowledge and resources to teach phonological awareness, phonemic awareness, and letter identification. We are proud of the strong math achievement scores and continue to develop strategies for small group instruction in math so that each child continues to show individual growth. 

Finally, I want to wish your family a wonderful Thanksgiving break. I am grateful to serve this amazing community of learners, staff, and families. 

Mrs. Ashton, Principal


Specialist Updates

Student Council Coordinating a Food Drive

Lakeside Elementary school will be participating in the The Mid-Morning Kiwanis boxed/canned food drive which will take place from Monday, November 28 through Friday, December 2.

The food that is collected through this time period will be donated to the Oshkosh Salvation Army. If you choose to donate food, please bring it to school and add it to your classroom collection. It must consist of non-perishable food items (Examples: canned fruits, vegetables, soup, pasta, beans, boxed items).

Things that need to be refrigerated, and that will easily go bad (rot/mold) should not be donated. Things like, dairy products, fresh fruits, fresh produce, and frozen food, etc., are all things that will perish easily. Please do not donate any of these items. 

Of course you do not have to donate but if you do we thank you for your support and donations!🎉

-Lakeside Student Council



Lakeside Family Fun at Brighton Acres - December 2nd

Lakeside students will be making holiday ornaments that will be used to decorate a holiday tree as part of Brighton Acres' Christmas Village and Craft Fair. We're also inviting our families to join Lakeside staff for some holiday fun at Brighton Acres on Friday, December 2nd from 5-6pm. Click HERE for more information about this fun event!


Event RemindersAre you coming to school for an event during the school day? If you know you will be attending an event at school and you've already been scanned using our "Raptor" security system (this year or any prior year), call the office or send me an email ahead of time. I'll have your visitor badge printed and ready to go, and you can skip the line! 

Not "Raptored" yet? Please remember to bring your photo ID the first time you come to school for an event during the day. After that first time, we can look you up by name. 

Thank you for helping us keep our school and your children safe!

Volunteering RemindersWhat Volunteer Opportunities are Available? - Ask a Librarian Delaware

As a reminder, if you are interested in volunteering by helping in your child's classroom or chaperoning a field trip, you must have a pre-approved volunteer application on file before the volunteering event. These applications are to be filled out each school year, but then are good for the remainder of the year, and are effective for all OASD schools. You can find the application HERE.

Important!: Once you have completed your application, let the office know so that we can request that the application be processed; this does not happen automatically, and can take up to 48 hours, so please plan accordingly! 


Community Events

Check out our Community Events page on our website for information about events happening throughout the Oshkosh community!


Upcoming Lakeside Events

  • November 23rd - 25th - No school for students or staff for Thanksgiving break
  • November 28th - December 2nd - Student council food drive
  • December 2nd - Lakeside Family Event at Brighton Acres, 5-6pm
  • December 9th - No school for students; professional development for staff
  • December 22nd - 3rd grade field trip to the Paine Art Center
  • December 23rd - January 2nd - Winter break