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January 5, 2024; Issue 9



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Dear Lakeside Families, 

Dear Parents,

As we embark on this educational journey together, it's essential to highlight one of the most crucial aspects of your child's development: sleep. Sleep isn't just a period of rest; it's a cornerstone for your child's physical health, mental well-being, and academic success.

The National Sleep Foundation recommends specific hours of sleep for children, ensuring they get the necessary rest to thrive:

  • Preschoolers (3-5 years old): 10-13 hours per day
  • School-age children (6-13 years old): 9-11 hours per day

While these guidelines provide a general framework, individual needs may vary. Some children might require a bit more sleep to function at their best, while others might do well with slightly fewer hours. Observing your child's behavior and mood can help tailor their sleep schedule to their unique requirements.

Why is adequate sleep so crucial?

1. Academic Performance:

Quality sleep significantly impacts cognitive abilities, memory consolidation, and concentration. Well-rested children tend to perform better academically, showing improved attention spans, problem-solving skills, and creativity.

2. Physical Health:

Sleep plays a pivotal role in physical growth and development. Adequate rest supports a healthy immune system, helping your child fight off illnesses and stay active.

3. Emotional Well-being:

Sleep is closely linked to emotional regulation. Children who get enough sleep often exhibit better mood control, reduced irritability, and enhanced social interactions.

Tips for Healthy Sleep Habits:

  1. Consistent Bedtime Routine: Establish a regular sleep schedule, allowing your child's body to adjust and recognize when it's time to rest.

  2. Create a Sleep-Friendly Environment: Keep the room dark, quiet, and cool to promote better sleep quality.

  3. Limit Screen Time: Reduce exposure to screens (phones, tablets, TVs) before bedtime, as the blue light emitted can disrupt sleep patterns.

  4. Encourage Physical Activity: Engage your child in regular physical activities during the day, promoting better sleep at night.

  5. Nutritious Diet: Offer balanced meals and limit caffeine intake, especially in the evening hours.

A Call to Action:

As parents, your involvement in ensuring your child gets adequate sleep is invaluable. By prioritizing sleep as an essential part of their routine, you're setting the stage for their overall well-being and success.

Let's work together to empower our children by prioritizing their sleep needs. By fostering healthy sleep habits, we're laying the foundation for their bright and promising future.

Wishing you and your family restful nights and energetic days ahead!

Mrs. Ashton, Principal


Staffing updates:

  • Our new music teacher will be starting the week of January 22. Please welcome Ms. Emily Dorr to Lakeside! We wish Ms. Zuber, our long term music sub, the best as she finishes her time here at Lakeside!
  • Our technology coach, Mrs. Stephany, has moved to a technology director role in another district. We will be hiring a new technology coach in the spring.

Lakeside's Family Night with the Herd - Don't Miss It!

First page of the PDF file: LakesideElementary-HerdGroupOutingFlyer2023-241_1


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  • Lincoln Vang
  • Owen Lipinski
  • Athena Faucher
  • Michael Duehring
  • Carter Burri
  • Jaxon Piller
  • Bryson Miller
  • Xavreanna Carter
  • Kayden Wastel
  • Keira Kalmerton



Lost & FoundTroutdale Elementary Lost and Found | Reynolds School District - Oregon

Please have your child check the lost and found table for missing items, or stop in the next time you're at school to take a look! Any items remaining at the end of the month will be donated to a local charity, so be sure to stop in soon! 


Snow Gear and Winter Playground RemindersStudents should come to school wearing their boots and snow pants, particularly students who are dropped off. Students are not allowed to enter the building to put on their snow gear, so they should be wearing it when they arrive at school. 

Also, boots (snow or rain, as the weather dictates) will be required for any of the playground equipment or the grassy areas until late into the spring. Having boots for outside and shoes for inside helps us keep our classrooms clean. If students are not wearing boots, they will have to remain on the blacktop area only. Thank you for your cooperation!



Mid-year, as-needed conferences will be Thursday, January 25th.
Watch for more information coming soon!




Pollution SolutionDo you have an overflowing abundance of plastic grocery bags that you don't know what to do with?  We have a solution for you!  Our students in Pollution Solution are working hard to collect 1,000 pounds of plastic bags to be recycled into a Trex Bench for our school.  So far we have collected a whopping 336 POUNDS of plastic bags!  Only 664 pounds more to go.  Please read the information below to see how you can help Lakeside achieve this goal.  Send in your plastic bags with your child(ren) or drop them off at one of our doors. We are happy to take them off your hands.

First page of the PDF file: nextrex

Volunteering RemindersWhat Volunteer Opportunities are Available? - Ask a Librarian Delaware

As a reminder, if you are interested in volunteering by helping in your child's classroom or chaperoning a field trip, you must have a pre-approved volunteer application on file before the volunteering event. These applications are to be filled out each school year, but then are good for the remainder of the year, and are effective for all OASD schools. You can find the application HERE.

Important!: Once you have completed your application, let the office know so that we can request that the application be processed; this does not happen automatically, and can take up to 3-4 business days, so please plan accordingly! 



Community Events

Check out our Community Events page on our website for information about events happening throughout the Oshkosh community!


 Follow Lakeside PTO

Click HERE to find our amazing PTO on Facebook! Please 'like' and 'follow' Lakeside's PTO on Facebook. They have the most up-to-date information on all of our wonderful events!  The next PTO meeting is Monday, January 8th at 3pm in library.  The PTO's agenda can be found HERE.  We would love to see you there!


Upcoming Lakeside Events

  • January 8th  - PTO meeting at 3pm in the library,  agenda can be found HERE
  • January 15th - Martin Luther King, Jr. Day-no school for students and staff
  • January 17th- Ms. Pelot's 3rd grade field trip to the Oshkosh Public Museum
  • January 18th- Ms. Fritz's 3rd grade field trip to the Oshkosh Public Museum
  • January 22nd- No school for students; professional development day for staff
  • January 22nd - 26th - Scholastic Book Fair - more information coming!
  • January 24th- Family night at the Herd at 6pm
  • January 25th - Parent/teacher conferences (as needed)