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April 5th, 2024; Issue 15



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Dear Lakeside Families, 

I hope your family had a nice spring break week. It's hard to believe that we are in the last quarter of the school year! Classrooms are busy places as all students continue learning and growing. Our third, fourth, and fifth grade students have been preparing for the Forward Exam, the state-wide assessment taken once a year. District-wide literacy and math assessments will take place in April and May for all grade levels.  

Thank you, families, for participating in the basket raffles and silent auctions at this year’s school dance. This fundraiser raised about $2,900 for PTO to use to support our school community and reduce busing costs for field trips for the end of the year!

April is an exciting month; we will have an exciting family engagement night on Tuesday, April 23rd and our spring concert on Tuesday, April 30th! Be sure to mark your calendars for both events!

I will be out for surgery in early April. Mrs. Doris Bailey will be filling in for me Monday-Thursdays and Ms. Rachel Tigert will be filling in on Fridays. I may be gone for up to six weeks but I hope that I can be released earlier. Please reach out to Mrs. Bailey, Ms. Tigert, or Mrs. Schrage in the school office, with any questions or needs; email addresses for each of them are listed below.

Wishing you well,

Mrs. Ashton, Principal

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  • Benjamin Homman
  • MacKenzie Sanchez
  • Eila Bunes
  • Delyliah Hable
  • Hunter Robbins
  • Lincoln Kaczmarek
  • Phillip Shea
  • Hayden Shambles
  • Noah Pik
  • Emma Poll
  • Ella Anholzer
  • Alison Strangeway
  • Maxwell Jungwirth
  • Camden Sanchez
  • Evelyn Lutzen
  • Amy Hoffman
  • Camille Quella
  • River Nason
  • Quinn Jones

5th Grade Biography Fair

The fifth grade biography fair will be on Thursday, April 11th. We will have two open house sessions from 9:00-10:00pm and 12:30-1:30pm. Fifth grade families are invited to attend during any of these times. If you come to either of the first two sessions, don't forget to check in at the office! 


May Community Interest Hour

Lakeside Elementary School is looking for outside organizations to volunteer to come to Lakeside on Friday, May 24th from approximately 1-2:30 PM and offer an activity for students to experience. Students would have the opportunity to rotate through 3 of the activities, each lasting 25 minutes.

We are hoping to inspire our students to try new things and be aware of different community organizations. 

Each of the areas have a smartboard in the room where the presenter can show visuals on the board if needed. Also, a staff member will be in the room to support. We would like to offer the students as many hands-on experiences as possible, so any information presented should be brief so they can have enough time to complete the activity. 

Some previous examples were, cookie decorating, yoga, RC racing, Mtoxins. So if you have a hands on activity you are willing to lead, please fill out the information below. Someone will reach out to you in the upcoming weeks.  

If you are interested please fill out this google form HERE.


Upcoming Lakeside Events

  • April 4th - 19th - Forward Exam for 3rd, 4th and 5th graders (parent letter)
  • April 8th - PTO meeting at 3pm in the media center (agenda)
  • April 11th - 5th Grade Biography Fair, 9:00 - 10:00 and 12:30 - 1:30
  • April 12th - No school for students; PD day for staff
  • April 22nd - 26th - Scholastic book fair (more information coming soon!)
  • April 23rd - Spring Family Night, 5 - 7:00pm (info sheet and RSVP)
  • April 26th - 4th Grade Field Trip to the Paine Art Center
  • April 30th - Lakeside Elementary Spring Concert, Alberta Kimball Auditorium, 6-7:00pm (spring concert letter)


Spring Concert Announcement from Ms. Dorr!

Hello, Lakeside families! I am happy to announce that we will be having a spring concert this year! All grades will be involved. The concert will be held on Tuesdsay, April 30th at 6:00 pm in the Alberta Kimball Auditorium of Oshkosh West High School. Every student has a special role in this concert, so it is important that your student is there. If you know that your student will not be able to attend, please let me know by email ( so we can plan ahead. Students will begin learning their music in the upcoming weeks and are so excited to share what they have been working on in class!

Please mark this date on your calendars! For more information please click HERE.

I look forward to seeing all of our Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th Grade Lakeside families at this fun event!

Ms. Dorr


We Need Your Help!It's that time of year when the playground gets extra wet and muddy at time, and spills can happen any time of year. Every day we have students coming to the health office in need of a change of clothes, and we could use your help! How? 

  • Do you have extra pants or shirts that your children have outgrown and can donate to the office? Please send them in! We could use shirts and pants in sizes 5 through 14/16!
  • Send your child (even the big ones!) to school with an extra change of clothes, if you are able. They can live in their backpack, or stay in their locker until needed. We're always the most comfortable in our own clothes, so this is a great option!
  • If your child does need to borrow clothes from the office for a day, please wash and return the items as quickly as possible so that they can be available for another student in need. 

If your child has a fall or spill resulting in wet clothes at school and we don't have something they can fit in, we may need to call you to bring some to school to get them through the end of the day. Thanks for your help - we appreciate it!


Attendance Office InformationIf you need to call your student(s) in for the day, please call the main office at 920-424-0131. If you need to leave a voicemail, please state your student(s) full name, grade, reason for absence and also any symptoms your student may be experiencing. You can also email the school secretary at: for any absences. If you need to pick up your student early for an any reason, please notify the main office ahead of time, so we can make sure to have your student ready for you. As always, please feel free to reach out to the main office with any questions or concerns you may have. Thank you for your help.

Volunteering RemindersWhat Volunteer Opportunities are Available? - Ask a Librarian Delaware

As a reminder, if you are interested in volunteering by helping in your child's classroom or chaperoning a field trip, you must have a pre-approved volunteer application on file before the volunteering event. These applications are to be filled out each school year, but then are good for the remainder of the year, and are effective for all OASD schools. You can find the application HERE.

Important!: Once you have completed your application, let the office know so that we can request that the application be processed; this does not happen automatically, and can take up to 3-4 business days, so please plan accordingly! 


Class Placement Request for 2024-2025

Class lists are created with the belief that student needs are best met through heterogeneous/mixed groups that take into consideration such variables as student numbers, gender ratios, student behaviors, and achievement levels. The services of our special education teachers and other academic specialists also impact a student’s placement. As a result, requests for classroom placements are usually not necessary.

The talents of our teachers at Lakeside are diverse. Matching teaching and learning styles requires appropriate knowledge of both the learner and the teacher. In addition, OASD Board Policy 5120 charges us with the important task of creating balanced classes. It also includes this statement in the policy: “Parent/guardian request for assignment of students to specific teachers prior to receiving notice of placement will be carefully limited to assure an equal opportunity for all students.”

If parents still would like to submit a request, they must base the request upon a legitimate need of the student. If a parent has an educational reason to support a classroom placement, the following guidelines should be followed:

  • Please submit a Request for Specific Teacher or Class Prior to Assignment form, stating the reasons why such a placement is important for your child's education. Forms are available in the office or you can fill out electronically here.

  • All requests should be received in the office no later than Friday, April 12th. No requests received after this date will be honored.

Due to the need to balance classes, distribute learning abilities, place students together in workable groups, and numerous other variables that must be considered, we are unable to guarantee that requests will be honored. Thank you for your understanding as we move forward to create great learning environments for ALL students!


Community Events

Check out our Community Events page on our website for information about events happening throughout the Oshkosh community!


Follow the Lakeside PTO

Click HERE to find our amazing PTO on Facebook! Please 'like' and 'follow' Lakeside's PTO on Facebook. They have the most up-to-date information on all of our wonderful events!  Please join us for our next PTO meeting on April, 8th at 3pm in library.  The agenda can be found here.