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November 1, 2019; Issue 5



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Dear Lakeside Families, 

This year, Lakeside is piloting a new social/emotional curriculum. Our hope is to deepen student's understanding of self regulation, communication, and decision making skills. Here are some suggestions for helping your child develop social and emotional skills at home.

Think out loud. When your child hears your thinking process, it helps her understand how to cope with frustration and solve problems: “Whoops. My favorite shopping bag has a hole in it. I’d better take another one with me to the grocery store.”

Read bedtime stories. There is something magical about this end-of-the-day routine that makes it the ideal time for talking about feelings. Discuss the characters and events in the story. Invite your child to share her thoughts and feelings by asking questions: “What do you think he should do? How do you think she feels? What would you do if you were this character?”

Do a job together. Instead of asking your child to do a chore alone, do it with her. The two of you might fold laundry, set the table, rake leaves, or paint a wall. 

Play games. Card and board games and outdoor games such as tag or hop-scotch offer built-in opportunities for helping children learn to take turns, cooperate, handle frustration, and more. While playing games together, focus on fun instead of winning or losing.

Prevent potential problems. Before a friend comes to play, help your child put away toys he does not want to share. Before going to a birthday party, explain the expectations you have and what the signal will be for leaving the party without an argument. 

When we work together to help children grow socially and emotionally, we see great success! Adapted from the Message in a Backpack, Teaching Young Children

Enjoy the weekend ahead! Don't forget to turn your clock back!

~Mrs. Ashton 

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Please remember to send your children to school with warm clothes for inclement weather. This should include boots, hats, gloves, and a heavy jacket. All students will be outside before school, at recess, and lunch unless the temperature is below 10 degrees or a wind chill of below zero. 

Temperatures and appropriate outside recess wear is: 

  • Below 50 degrees- students need a coat

  • Between 50-60 degrees- students need to wear long sleeves

  • 61 degrees and above- students choice (shorts are allowed)





  • Picture Re-Take Day Mon., 11-04-19 a.m. File:Camera emoji SVG.svg - Wikimedia Commons

  • SAVE THE DATE… Lakeside Elementary Holiday Concert, Monday, December 9 @ 6:00 p.m., Alberta Kimball OWHS

  • If you are planning a vacation (half day or more), please remember to fill out a Pre-Planned Parent Excused Form prior to leaving. It is important for students, teachers, and the office to be informed of the absence to allow for homework accommodations, missed class time, and attendance purposes. Also, this minimizes classroom interruptions during the day to allow for focusing on educational minutes. If you have any questions, please call the office at 424-0131. Paper copy is available upon request. 

  • Please let the office know if you are not receiving the school newsletter via email and if you’d like to! Paper copies are provided by parent request only. 

  • Lost & Found Please keep checking the lost & found for your items. 

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Please be sure to check your student’s fees in Infinite Campus.

Student's fees will follow them all through their school career in Oshkosh Area School District, and can make them ineligible for participation in some activities.


Congratulations to our students that decorated pumpkins!

Here are the top three placements:

1st place- Izzianna Mugerauer

2nd place- Rylee Coppernoll

3rd place- Kenny Graham 

November Birthdays

Lia Lipinski

Tess Winchester 

Cecilia Gruenhagen 

Morgan Blindauer 

Archer Kenyon

Aydon Walther 

Izzianna Mugerauer

Leighton Lloyd

Peighton Deroo

Felix Samida 

William Olmeda 

Gilbert Prada 

Cash Wiedenhaft 

Erin Grunwald 

Malaya Cargile 

Lillian Brewer

Donovin Peerenboom 

Cedric Burri 

Noah Ruhl 

Phynix Goss

Chloe Eisele


November 2019 Calendar:

  • Sunday, 11/3/19:Daylight Saving Time ENDS
  • Monday, 11/04/19: Picture RE-Take day 
  • Monday, 11/04/19: End of First Quarter 
  • Wednesday, 11/06/19 PAL Visit: OWHS Global Academy Level 3 Visit K-5

  • Monday, 11/11/19: Veterans Day
  • Monday, 11/11/19: 5th grade Field Trip to South Park Middle School
  • Tuesday, 11/12/19: 4th Grade Field Trip Oshkosh Youth Symphony at OWHS
  • Wednesday, 11/13/19: Early Release
  • Friday, 11/15/19: Black Wolf Bulletin Published

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