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October 18, 2019; Issue 4



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Dear Lakeside Families,

Here are a few reminders and updates for you:

Family Night Feedback: We really enjoyed seeing so many families at our first Family Engagement Night of the year last week. If you attended and haven’t shared feedback with us yet, please click this link and give us some feedback about the event. Thank you! 

Attendance: This week, we had one day that we had no students (zero!) marked tardy (late) to school. That was a celebration, as tardiness is becoming a daily issue in elementary schools. We expect all students to arrive at school on time. The practice of arriving to school, work or other appointments on time is a life skill. As parents and adults in the workforce, we know the importance of punctuality. As parents, we are our children’s first and most influential models of this critical life skill that will help our children become more successful adults. Please be aware that students who arrive to school tardy will be documented by the front office staff.  Also, please call the school office by 8:00 am that morning if your child will be absent from school (920) 424-0131.  If they will be at school later, please let us know what lunch choice they want ordered. Let’s teach our children to always be on time starting now!

Intruder Drill: Yesterday, information was sent home about a practice intruder drill next week on Thursday, October 24. Please contact your classroom teacher or myself with any questions.

Lakeside Way

This year, we are working to acknowledge students verbally for showing the Lakeside Way: being respectful, responsible, and safe. We have discontinued the use of Lakeside Way tickets this year. Instead of teaching students that you get a prize or token for following school expectations, we are trying to teach that following expectations is the right thing to do, and that it helps classrooms and our school community when everyone works together to make our school a great place. We will plan to celebrate our school community this year by having classroom and school celebration events. More details to come on this in the upcoming month! Our new social emotional learning program that we are piloting, called Sanford Harmony, has been exciting to roll out. Students are making great connections in their classrooms with peers and building a great sense of community. If you are hearing anything at home that you would like to share with us about your child’s social and emotional learning this year and how our newer focus on taking care of each other through more community-centered work, we would be happy to hear your feedback! 

~Mrs. Ashton

CONGRATULATIONS to the following students who won a Subway gift certificate card along with a coloring/activity book courtesy of Safe Rides for Walk AT School Day here at Lakeside: 

  • Blake Schoblaske

  • Brayleigh McCarthy

  • Chayce Cram

  • Izzianna Mugerauer

  • Temperance Kellar 

Thank you for your participation!!!

Fire Safety Month

A special congratulations to Bria Blabaum the winner of the contest who had the opportunity to be brought to school in a fire truck! 

We were fortunate to have the Van Dyne Fire Department come to Lakeside! They reviewed fire safety with all the students and we thank them for this annual visit.









Adalynn Schulze

Alexis Peruzzi

Aliyah Stewart

Ally Anderson

Anna Lipinski

Braydan Frank

Breana Bilson

Caymen Goss

Edmund Carns

Emily Frank

Everly Wohlt

Finnegan Nichols

Griffin Green

Hunter Knueppel

Iain Basalatan

Jack Zabel

Jacob Miller

Janae Howard

Jase Stadtmueller

Keona Gomoll

Lillian Peterson

Madison Blindauer

Maeve Samida

Makiyah Kellar

Nadia Carey

Nolan Holladay

Owen Tovar

Victor Alatorre



Please remember to send your children to school with warm clothes for inclement weather. Temperatures and appropriate outside recess wear is: 

  • Below 50 degrees- students need a coat

  • Between 50-60 degrees- students need to wear long sleeves

  • 61 degrees and above- students choice (shorts are allowed)

All students will be outside before school, at recess, and lunch unless the temperature is below 10 degrees or a wind chill of below zero.

Leaf Autumn | Free Stock Photo | Illustration of colorful autumn ...Leaf Autumn | Free Stock Photo | Illustration of colorful autumn ...

Counselor News with Mrs. Palecek 


Last week I spoke at the Lakeside Family Night about friendship and what to do about bullying (online and in person). I’d love to share some of the resources I spoke about that night.

First of all, friends are a very important part of school. It is not uncommon to have conflict from time to time. We really try to help our students be their own problem solver. Below you will find the problem solving wheel we use at school. If it’s a small problem we’d like students to try three things to solve it on their own. If it is a big problem - someone is in danger or it is bullying - see below - they should report it right away. 

Please reach out if you have more specific questions or if you’d like more resources on friendship and/or bullying. Our goal is to give students tools to use to solve conflicts and know when they need to talk with an adult to help problem solve. 


Mrs. Melissa Palecek

School Counselor

Literacy with Mrs. Ruechel 

A question that teachers are often asked is:  What level is my child reading? While we do have grade level benchmark reading levels to help gauge student growth, the reading level itself is relative.  We like to think of each reader as an individual and work hard to teach students how to pick just right books. Teachers work with students during Reader’s Workshop time to help kids to recognize when a book might be too easy, just right, or too challenging.  We also encourage students to choose books that they are interested in and books that will engage them for a sustained period of time. Below is an example of an anchor chart that you might see in an elementary classroom.  It’s important to remember that…

Readers (not levels) decide if they can read a book. Readers can choose a book that interests them, an old favorite, a favorite author or character, and they can read the pictures, look for letters and words they know, read the words, and retell the story.


A Note from our Media Specialist, Mrs. Miller...


October 15-18 is National Digital Citizenship week. All students will have a class activity that will help them recognize the balance of media (devices and being online) in their life. Each class will continue to have a lesson once a month to talk about being citizens online. Our district media specialists have created a Facebook page for parents to find resources and tips to keep your kiddos safe online. Click on the link to follow their page!

Message from Mrs. North, Art Teacher


Hello Lakeside families,

My name is Gwen North and I am the “other” Art teacher. The students have been creating a lot of fun stuff in the art room. This year we are focusing on “ Art Around the World”. This month we have been learning about Art from Mexico!

Mrs Koeppl- K:The students have been painting with yarn.(And lots of glue)

Mrs. Grasley- 1: The students have been making pinch pots.

Mrs. Davis/Mrs. Murphy -2: They have been weaving with sticks and yarn to make Mexican “god’s eye” ornaments.

Mrs. Greeninger- 3: The class is making torn paper desert scenes.

Mrs. LeClair 4-: The students are making Mexican Tin art.

Mrs. Guido 5-: The kids are experimenting with oil pastels and vegetable oil.

Message from Mrs. Schlies, Phy Ed Teacher


Team Building in PE 

While traveling across the sea from a deserted island to dodging obstacles while blind folded, the kids at Lakeside have been working on developing their team building skills using leadership, communication, cooperation and trust!  We are now heading into Fall activities with our “lights out” games and obstacle courses!  

Music with Mr. Plekan


Music Students K-5 are beginning work on their Holiday Concert which is  on December 9th at 6:30PM at Oshkosh West High School (6 weeks from now).  Students will be given lyric sheets so that they can begin to memorize their words.  Choreography, and instruments will be added in along with the singing over the next month as they prepare for the concert.

I will also be sending a Dropbox link in November for parents to play the music at home for students to practice with their lyric sheets.

5th Graders just began learning the Recorder and learned the notes B, A and G.  They will be serenading you at home with songs in the very near future. Their first assignment is to play “Three Blind Mice”.

I am so excited for the concert and am confident the students will impress their families again this year.

Musically yours, 

Mr. Plekan

Message from Kathleen Stephany, Technology Integration 


Learning without Limits

Students are remembering the Lakeside Way and being Responsible, Respectful, and Safe with their chromebooks. Please remind your child to keep food and drinks away from the technology.  

Many teachers have Google Classroom set up for sharing links and assignments with students.  If you have a computer or tablet at home, ask your child to sign in with his or her school username at to see what students have been doing.  Student usernames are the first 5 letters of the last name followed by the first initial of the first name.  Then they include the last 4 digits of the student ID number. For example, in “Sample Student,” the username would be “studes5678.”  The student would have to either remember the password or record it from school in a safe spot to share with you.

A friendly note from the Lakeside Health Office

Over the counter medications (Tylenol, cough drops, ibuprofen, creams, etc.).

With cold and flu season, your child may have a sore throat, runny nose, headache etc and you may want your child to bring cough drops, tylenol or other medications to school. All medications need to be brought into the office and given in the office. Your child should not keep any medications in their backpacks. All medications need a signed medication form in the office. If you would like a form to fill out, please get one from the office or ask your teacher to send one home with your child. It only takes a minute to fill out!

Please remind your child to cover their mouth and nose when coughing and sneezing, and most importantly...WASH HANDS!!! Washing hands can prevent the spread of diseases. 

Your child should stay home if they have any of these symptoms: 100 Degree temp or higher, vomiting, diarrhea, thick mucus from nose, excessive drowsiness, undiagnosed rash or open sore, pain that interferes with learning, earache, red, itchy eyes with discharge, sore throat with difficulty swallowing or persistent, productive cough. This helps prevent the spread of illness to others in school. If your child has any of these symptoms they should stay home and be free from symptoms for 24 hours before returning to school.

Please feel free to call Melissa Weisse Health assistant-LPN or Katie Draxler RN with health questions or concerns. (920) 424-0131 ext 6853 


Lost & Found  

The lost & found table is growing with articles of clothing, lunch boxes and several other items. Please make sure to stop in and find what you are missing. What is not picked up by Wednesday October 23rd will be donated to Goodwill.


  • Monday, 10/21/19: Tri-County Dental Clinic a.m., PTO Meeting @ 6 p.m. 
  • Tuesday, 10/22/19: Bring pumpkins in for Decorating Contest
  • Friday, 10/25/19: NO SCHOOL 

  • Wednesday, 10/30/19: Pumpkin Voting 
  • Thursday, 10/31/19: Halloween Parade & Classroom Parties 2 p.m.