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January 17, 2020; Issue 9



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Dear Lakeside Families, 

Happy 2020! I hope your family had an enjoyable break and that your child has been excited and ready to get back into the swing at school! We announced to our students last week that we are taking the entire school on a field trip to the YMCA in early February. We are proud of the hard work all students do daily in both academics and also the Lakeside Way (showing respectful, responsible, safe behavior at school). 86% of our students have had no office discipline referrals. The school expectations are in place for consistency among all students and adults, and also to make our school a great place to be. I hope that when you come into our school, you feel Lakeside is a welcoming place and you feel a sense of belonging. We continue to promote a caring, safe, and positive learning environment and have daily lessons to support student's social and emotional growth with communication skills, responsible decision making, and managing emotions.  

We welcome volunteers for our YMCA field trip. Please fill out a background check on the district webpage and let your classroom teacher know the form is completed, for processing. One last important note, all Lakeside students will leave from the YMCA. The buses will depart at 2:30 pm (15 minutes earlier than usual) so that the driver's maintain timing on their other routes. Boys and Girls Club Aftercare is closed the day of our field trip, so no students will be transported back to Lakeside. Please make plans to pick up from the YMCA or have your child get bussed home. 

If you have any questions, call or email!

~Mrs. Ashton 


Family Events coming up: Mark your calendar!

-Lakeside School Glow Dance!  -Friday, Feb. 21

-Lakeside Family Night at the Herd Game!  -Saturday, Mar. 7

-Lakeside Family Engagement Night!  -Tuesday, Mar. 10


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Please remember to send your children to school with warm clothes for inclement weather. This should include boots, hats, gloves, and a heavy jacket. All students will be outside before school, at recess, and lunch unless the temperature is below 10 degrees or a wind chill of below zero. 

Temperatures and appropriate outside recess wear is: 

  • Below 50 degrees- students need a coat

  • Between 50-60 degrees- students need to wear long sleeves

  • 61 degrees and above- students choice (shorts are allowed)

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If you are planning a vacation (half day or more), please remember to fill out a Pre-Planned Parent Excused Form prior to leaving. It is important for students, teachers, and the office to be informed of the absence to allow for homework accommodations, missed class time, and attendance purposes. Also, this minimizes classroom interruptions during the day to allow for focusing on educational minutes. If you have any questions, please call the office at 424-0131. Paper copy is available upon request.

FRIENDLY REMINDER: When calling your child's school to report their absence, please relay the symptoms they are having to the school office so that the District can continue to report to the health department accurately. 


January 29th, 30th & February 4th we will be holding parent teacher conferences. We believe that this time to share information is one of the most important ways we can work together as a team to make your child’s educational experiences successful.  

Our knowledge of your child at school, combined with those insights you have away from school, will help us develop a comprehensive understanding and appreciation for your child's strengths as well as those areas we can work on together to promote future growth.  At the conference, we'll discuss your child's progress in school and any concerns or questions that you might have at this time.  

This year, please sign up for Parent Teacher Conferences online!

DATE(s) – Due to limited slots, please sign up for one slot per family, per child. Time slots are 15 minutes. Dates available will be on a first come, first serve basis. Due to glitches, if you are an OASD employee please do not use your OASD email address, use your personal email address.

Wed., Jan. 29- Parent/Teacher Conferences @ 3:00-4:00 p.m. 

Thurs., Jan. 30- Parent/Teacher Conferences @ 3:15-6:30 p.m.

Tues., Feb. 4- Parent/Teacher Conferences @ 3:15-6:30 p.m. 


PLACE:  Lakeside Elementary School

REGISTRATION DEADLINE: Thurs., Jan. 23  To pick a time slot, enter this link in your internet browser:


November 2019 Calendar:

  • Monday, 01/20/20 - No School for students - Professional Development Day
  • Tuesday, 01/21/20 - South Park Counselor Visit for 5th Grade
  • Thursday, 01/23/20 - Grade 4 & 5 OWHS Musical "Sister Act"
  • Friday, 01/24/20- Global Academy Students visit Lakeside

  • 01/29/20 - 02/6/20 - Scholastic Book Fair
  • 01/29/20 - Lakeside Parent/Teacher Conference
  • 01/30/20 - Lakeside Parent/Teacher Conference
  • 02/04/20 - Lakeside Parent/Teacher Conference
  • 02/07/20 - School Celebration Trip to Oshkosh YMCA

January Birthdays

Mollie Delfosse 01/03/2009
Ryder Gau 01/03/2012
Declan Peterson 01/07/2012
Landon Rabe 01/08/2010
Ramona Smock 01/09/2012
Aiden Kind 01/09/2009
Zarha Malueg 01/11/2011
Janiah Howard 01/12/2009
Tripp Lang 01/12/2010
Emma Thao 01/12/2009
Adalynn Everson 01/15/2011
Ahna Schlies 01/15/2010
Harper Scott 01/17/2012
James Dutscheck 01/18/2011
Macy Winchester 01/20/2010
Conner Allison-King 01/20/2012
Dylan Wangui 01/20/2011
Chayce Cram 01/21/2009
Reagan Dorn 01/21/2012
Owen Hale 01/24/2012
Jeremy Splittgerber 01/25/2011
Sofia Gorgolis 01/25/2009



Please keep having students check lost and found items. 

Please make sure all items are marked with children's name



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